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Discover the Remarkable Benefits of Tui na Massage

The benefit of Tui na massage

Discover the Remarkable Benefits of Tui na Massage

The purpose of tui na massage is not primarily to relax the body. It’s meant instead to deal with patterns of disharmony, sometimes also treated by acupuncture.

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Did you know that just one in five Americans received a massage in 2019? Most of these clients are women and they received a professional massage in spa centers in their town. When was the last time you tried a relaxing massage as well?

If you haven’t received a massage in a long time, maybe now it’s a good moment to try the increasingly popular Tui na massage. This is an ancient Chinese type of massage that uses acupuncture techniques to make you feel better and improve your health. Keep reading to find out more about this Chinese massage therapy and discover its benefits.

What Is a Tui Na Massage?

The Tui Na massage translates into “pinch and pull” in Chinese, and it’s a form of vigorous body massage that has been used for thousands of years. The person who receives the massage remains clothed and stretches on a comfortable table.

The person who offers the massage uses different techniques that involve pushing, pinching, and pulling the muscles and other tissues. These techniques are not painful, but the skin will eventually turn red as more blood is pumped into that area.

A typical Tui Na massage session lasts for approximately 60 minutes. You can also find spa centers that deliver 30-minute Tui Na massage sessions.

What Are the Benefits of the Tui Na Massage?

Unlike other types of massage, Tui Na doesn’t necessarily focus on relaxing you but to energize your body and provide additional benefits. Here are just a few of them.

Reduce Pain in Muscles and Joints

It’s a well-known fact that pain is usually caused by an insufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients to certain parts of the body. When a portion of tissue doesn’t receive enough oxygen, it starts to ache. This can be a joint, muscle, your lower back, knees, etc.

Studies show that the Tui Na massage can alleviate some of the pains that you might feel. The repetitive pushing, pinching, and pulling motions made by the massage therapist is designed to bring more oxygen and nutrients to the affected tissues.

This is true whether you feel acute or chronic pain. People who received a Tui Na massage twice a week for several months experienced marked improvements in chronic pains and general discomfort.

It Energizes You and Improves Your Productivity

As mentioned earlier, this type of massage is not necessarily designed to bring relaxation to your body. You will feel relaxed later on in the day, but when you get up from the massage table, you will feel energized. This type of massage is ideal before a busy day at work and it can increase your productivity.

It Alleviates Stress and Other Problems Associated With It

Stress is probably the biggest problem of the 21st century and it’s virtually impossible to get rid of it. However, you can do so much to reduce it and handle it better when it hits you like a wall of bricks. For example, a Tui Na massage is known for helping people of all ages get rid of the stress accumulated over a few weeks or more.

Chronic stress can also lead to various other problems such as constipation, anxiety, and sleep problems. A few sessions of Tui Na massage will help your body metabolize stress hormones better. This massage will also reduce the activity of the adrenal glands, so fewer stress hormones are produced.

As a result, you will be able to sleep better, eliminate constipation problems, and feel more rejuvenated throughout the day. You just have to try this massage to see how it can help you fight stress.

It Improves Blood Circulation

Your heart is very good at pumping blood, but it could use some help from time to time. Different types of massages, including the Tui Na one, can improve blood circulation throughout the body and bring more blood to the extremities.

People who tried this type of massage for a few weeks say that they don’t haveĀ cold hands and feet that often. Improved better circulation also translates into more beautiful hair, younger skin, and better cardiovascular activity.

The Tui Na techniques focus on stimulating blood flow across the main meridians of the body. This concept is borrowed from Traditional Chinese Medicine such as acupuncture.

It Alleviates Depression

Depression can be caused by different types of life events, drug use, or even chronic sedentarism. It can cause serious health problems and it might ruin one’s quality of life. Luckily, Tui Na massage has been proven effective in fighting anxiety and depression.

This type of massage is ideal for people who feel stuck in life. It can unlock the energy paths of the body, bring more blood to the brain, and improve the respiratory system. At the end of the day, a Tui Na massage session helps you gain a better perspective in life. This can help people see their problems as challenges and find a way to get out of depression.

It Improves Range of Motion

If you ever had a stiff neck or back, you know how much it can affect your day. Tui Na techniques can help you deal with stiff joints and muscles too. Thanks to the fact that it improves blood circulation and stimulates the activity of tendons and ligaments, a Tui Na massage can improve your range of motion.

For example, it will allow you to move your neck at angles you couldn’t before because of its stiffness. It helps you bend your back easier because those muscles are not that tense anymore. You’ll feel excellent knowing that you have more range of motion and this can prevent accidents and injuries too.

Now You Know the Benefits of a Tui Na Massage

As you can see, a Tui Na massage can bring you so many physical and mental advantages. All that you have to do is to find a spa near you and go for a Tui Na massage therapy session.

If you’re still not convinced that a massage can improve your life, check out this article and find out why you need a body treatment at a reputable spa this summer!


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