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Deep tissue massage is popular for people who are suffering from muscle tense and back aches related to muscle stiffness and such. 

It’s main focus are on ailing pain and sore to distress the deep layer of our connecting tissues.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Its benefits lis in the therapeutic sooting the tighness and constricted areas such as our neck, shoulders back area and also the lower back.


Method of massage

The massage stroke are not very different from other massage. The only difference is that they are very slow and of stronger pressure so as to enable each stroke reach the deeper tissue. 

The Importance of deep tissue massage

When there is a need to treat the pain, spasms arised from stress, strain etc, deep tissue massage is the onlu way to access to there areas where the problems are embeded under the skin.

These are the adhesions deep under your skin that is causing the all the pain, the rigidity in muscels, tendons and ligaments.

What are the problems if tissue problems are not treated.

Adhesions, if left untreated and ignored, will caused obstrutions to circulation in the body area the affected area. It prevent of lessen blood flow that causes pain which in turn hinders mobilities and leads to inflammation. 

How deep tissue massage actually treat the condition

Deep tissue massage include applying firm pressure creating friction directly across the grain and fabric of the muscels breaking down problematic adhesions and restoring healthy blood circulation. This will also in turn revive mobility and heal inflamed tissue. 

Ways deep tissue massage can be carry out 

Deep tissue massage is being carried out by the therapists by means of pressing using fingertips, kunckles, hands, elbows and forearms. Clients will have to work along with the therapist by taking deep breadth when the therapist press deep into certain areas of the body.

Conditions to advoid Deep Tissue massage

Due to deep tissue massage are rather intense, here are some of the condition, that you need to take precautions and advoid. 

-Skin conditions such as rashes, skin diesease and any other skin issues.

-Turmors, open and unheal wounds 

-any recent or unrecovred fractures or any soon after surgery.

-Been through and recent chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

-Osteoporosis patients.

-Prone to blood clots.

– Have any hearth diesease.

-Pregnant women

-Abdominal hernia.


How effective is deep tissue massage 

Deep tisue massage works really well and its very effective towards elimination your excruciating pain. Your pains and body aches ccould be resolved just with a few hours of deep tissue masage. 

The cons are it really depends on what are the level of pain you can take during the massage session. Sometimes there may have some soreness immediately after the session and could last up to a day . All these are noting when you compare them to the pain that you have before the massage.


The types of problem that deep tissue massage are effective with

For most of the time the massage therapies aimed at relaxation for both the body and mind, deep tissue massage focues to aim on the problematic parts of the body 

Deep tissue massage set its sights and focus in areas that are afflicted with 

-Chronic or acute pains

-Mobility issues

-Healing of injured area by accidents or sports related 

-pain arised by inproper posturing

-Pains caused by osteoarthritis


Studies conducted and reported by consumer reports magazine

According to consumer report magazine more than 34,000 people found that deep tissue massage therapy effective in alleviating osteoarthritis pain compared to physical therapy, exercise and drug prescribtions.

Deep tissues massage is effective in easing symptoms of fibromyalgia, muscle tension, contractions or spams than other curative remedy

Customer should drink plenty of water after deep tissue massage so as to enable the body to flush out metabolic waste from massaged tisues. 

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