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Why You Need a Body Treatment at the Spa This Summer

Why You Need a Body Treatment at the Spa This Summer

Why You Need a Body Treatment at the Spa This Summer

The summer is a time to be outside, go swimming, have fun, and eat good food. Find out why you need a body treatment at the spa this summer, too.

The global spa services market could reach $154.6 billion by 2022. As more people discover the many soothing benefits of visiting a spa, more continue to book pampering appointments.

Thinking about getting a full body treatment this summer? Read this guide before you book your appointment! We’ll review the top five reasons you deserve a full body spa treatment, which can soothe your mind and body.

Give yourself the relaxing, recharging attention you deserve. Keep reading to learn more!

Soothe Away Stress

Stress can build and build over time, allowing your cortisol levels to rise, too. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can wreak havoc on your body in excess. In fact, too much cortisol can cause:

  • Acne
  • Weight gain
  • Thinning skin
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • High blood pressure
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle weakness
  • Delayed healing
  • Easy bruising

A full body treatment is a great way to manage and reduce your stress levels. In fact, there are many spa treatments available that can help soothe your mind and body.

For starters, you can schedule a therapeutic spa massage. A massage can provide restorative effects, which can increase feel-good hormones. These hormones include serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. 

Increasing serotonin production can help you manage depression symptoms. In fact, serotonin can also help:

  • Heal wounds
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Stimulate nausea
  • Maintain bone health
  • Improve your mood
  • Stimulate sleep

Serotonin’s ability to improve your mood will help you feel happy and calm.

In one study, pregnant women who enjoyed regular massages noticed lower levels of sciatic and back pain. They also experienced reduced swelling in the legs and feet, reduced postpartum depression and stress, and shortened labor periods. 

If you’re feeling stressed after a hard, long day, consider scheduling a full body spa treatment! 

Mentally Recharge

Too much stress can affect your ability to concentrate, which can impact your mental performance. 

Meanwhile, beauty-related body treatments can improve your appearance and help you feel better about yourself. For example, you might try a microdermabrasion facial to remove dead skin. Other facials, like firming and contouring treatments, can combat the signs of aging.

Maybe you want to try a full body spa wrap. Getting wrapped in mud or seaweed or an exfoliating treatment will help you look and feel your best.

Nail treatments like gel manicures will beautify your nails with a stunning polish.

The combination of various spa treatments will help you improve your overall appearance. Then, you can boost your self-esteem, which can improve your self-confidence.

In addition to helping you mentally recharge, full body treatments can also help you relieve headaches, too. Regular stress can increase your headache frequency, which can eventually become tension headaches. Treatments such as massages can relieve the tension, help you relax, and ease the headaches away. 

By scheduling a regular full body spa appointment, you can mentally recharge and get ready to take on a new day!

Detox Your Body

Over time, your skin can start to feel dry and flaky without attention. Thankfully, there are many full body treatments available that can help detox your body.

For starters, you can try a refreshing body scrub to exfoliate the dead cells on your skin. During the treatment, a massage therapist will mix aromatics, oil, and sea salt onto your skin. After the treatment, your entire body will feel rejuvenated and refreshed!

You can also try a body mask or body wrap after your scrub. An aesthetician will cover your skin in seaweed, algae, or mud before wrapping you in a thermal blanket. The treatment will boost your body’s metabolic response, which helps your body carry away waste.

There are also body wraps available that can treat cellulite, which can help with temporary weight reduction. An uneven appearance of cellulite occurs when fat expands throughout your body. By requesting an exfoliating scrub along with a full body massage, you can stimulate blood flow to keep your body looking at its best!

Detoxing through a full body treatment can help you purge your body of unnecessary toxins, too. With regular treatments, detoxing can even help you avoid bloating.

A deep tissue massage can ease aches, pains, and other issues, too.

Meanwhile, removing toxins from your skin can also clear away dirt that’s clogging your pores. Dead skin cells and dirt can contribute to bacteria build-up, which can cause acne and blemishes. With regular appointments at a full body spa, you can prevent body acne and get your skin glowing. 

Boost Circulation

Regular full body spa treatments like massages can boost blood flow throughout your body. Improving your circulation will ensure blood reaches your heart, brain, and skin cells. At the same time, blood flow can also reduce inflammation.

Excess inflammation can cause cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, and other issues. By boosting your circulation, you can boost your immunity, too!

Strengthening your immune system can help combat conditions like digestive problems, wrinkles, and even PMS. 

Meanwhile, removing dead skin cells and combating signs of aging can also help you feel and look younger than ever! 

Rest and Relax

Are you having a difficult time getting enough sleep each night? Without enough sleep, you’ll likely start to feel irritable. It can also impact your alertness and increase the chance of an accident, like a car crash.

Inadequate sleep also impairs your memory and causes concentration problems. If you can’t learn how to rest and relax, inadequate sleep can impact your overall quality of life. 

Neglecting your sleep can also cause:

  • Heart failure
  • Heart attack
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Lower sex drive
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Obesity

Getting a regular full body treatment at a spa can help you sleep. Remember, spa treatments can reduce your stress and help you relax. Increasing your blood circulation can help you rest, too. 

Meanwhile, treatments like massages can help relax your muscles and mind, which can help you rest at night.

Recharge This Summer: 6 Reasons to Schedule a Full Body Treatment

Ready to recharge this summer? Consider scheduling a full body treatment at your favorite spa. With regular full body spa treatments, you can rest, relax, and rejuvenate your entire body!

Want to learn more about spa treatments? Explore our latest guides today!

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